I’m César Aguirre and I’m running for Assembly Democrats of CA in District 7. I was born and raised in Sacramento and I am a second-generation immigrant of parents whose families moved here from Mexico almost 50 years ago. My place is here, making our city and state just and livable for all residents.

Justice means ensuring housing as a human right, enacting tenant protections, and securing more safe, sustainable, and permanently affordable housing. Evictions and incarceration serve to increase inequality and risks to public health; we need to divert funds from a bloated criminal legal system that wreaks havoc on our most marginalized communities, and reinvest in programs, services, and resources that enable us to thrive. Inclusion of the most marginalized is essential to bring about true equity.

I understand the importance of our region doing our part to curb carbon emissions and secure proper treatment and pay for workers. I’ll continue the work to protect our community from exploitation of local resources and laborers by the profit-driven entities. Medicare for all is also a must.

I hope you’ll consider uniting with me and the rest of the Progressive Labor Alliance to reclaim the Democratic party and hone its purpose to serve the betterment of us all.