As a Sacramento native, I have been involved in local, state, party, and national political activism since I was a child. I will help build the most progressive wing of our party so that we can accomplish our goals. For example: fixing a broken criminal justice system that devastates black lives. Medicare for All, so that nobody goes broke just for being sick. A Green New Deal, so that our planet is preserved for future generations and we create great jobs at the same time. Housing for All, so that everyone has a roof over their head. I also want to fight for a party whose actions reflect the diversity of its constituents – as a woman who is transgender and lesbian, I represent LGBTQ visibility within my community.

As an activist, I currently serve on the Democratic Party of Sacramento’s Central Committee. I’m also president of the Sacramento Environmental Democrats, where I work together with all communities to promote sustainability and ecological balance in the name of environmental justice. I also serve on the board of the Environmental Council of Sacramento, which has similar goals. Other groups I am involved with include the Sacramento Tenants Union, which advocates for affordable and safe housing; Queer Democrats of Sacramento, which advocates for queer rights; and SEIU Local 1000, which represents state employees.

If elected, I will be a voice of the marginalized. I will be a thorn in the side of any elected official who does not work in the best interest of their constituents. I will help build a party we can all honestly say we’re proud of.