My name is Jasjit Singh, and I’m a life-long Democrat who comes from a trucking/small business and farming background. I am absolutely tired of seeing this party ignore the will of its supporters, and want to help shape it, so that it actually represents the needs and concerns of the diverse communities who vote in its favor- year in and year out.

I was born in Punjab, and immigrated to California as a child. My father recently retired due to Covid concerns, after having spent the past 40 years driving a truck. My mother is currently an IRS clerk, but spent much of her life working in factories while raising my brother and I. They worked to educate us, and I am lucky to have completed all my schooling including my undergraduate degree and later, my law degree- right here, in California. I am running because I know this education is a privilege and honor- a truly powerful tool that can be used to uproot racism, homophobia, and hatred.

As a practicing Sikh, I am no stranger to the growing racism and hatred that has plagued this nation for over a decade now. I believe these sentiments have existed for centuries, and merely found a voice in the recent administration. I began organizing at the age of 15 with the Jakara Movement, and now sit on the board of that very organization. I am currently employed as the Director of Programs for California ChangeLawyers, a statewide foundation dedicated to empowering and uplifting the next generation of legal professionals- where I lead our efforts on policy, while also running our scholarships and grants programs- to ensure our legal field is as diverse as our state. Notably, I also sit on the board of the California Criminal Justice Funders Group, where we are working to create an actual justice system that works for the community- instead of criminalizing it.

Silence is complacency, and I won’t be silent. It’s why I have marched and will continue to march with my Black brothers and sisters, to protest the unlawful murder of Black people at the hands of law enforcement, and it’s why I march with my own Sikh, Punjabi, and greater South Asian communities to support farmers in India who are protesting against the corporate takeover of their farmlands. I believe people across the world must be united against injustice, our movements here must inspire the world, and we too can take inspiration from them.

I live in East Sacramento with my wonderful wife, who is a physician with UC Davis. I have witnessed first-hand the toll this pandemic has taken on our most vulnerable and our first responders, and believe that voting for all 14 of us in the Progressive Labor Alliance is a key step in ensuring we fight the good fight for our workers, farmers, small business owners, families, unhoused, and everyone in between.

I hope you’ll consider supporting me and the entire Progressive Labor Alliance ( slate this January. Because.. #NotMeUs