I'm Katie Valenzuela, and I'm running to be an ADEM delegate for AD 7. I work in environmental justice for my day job, and was recently elected to serve on the Sacramento City Council after accepting no developer, law enforcement, fossil fuel, or tobacco money. Our grassroots campaign showed that our City is ready for change, and now I'm ready to help push that momentum to the state-level.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed deep inequalities in our communities that have been present for far too long. Essential workers, from health care professionals to farmworkers, have been put at extreme risk, and our neighbors without savings or safety nets are being pushed to the breaking point. All while we watched in horror as more Black people were murdered by law enforcement and joined together in the streets in record breaking numbers to demand change.

Now is the moment for the California Democratic Party to push forward serious reforms to ensure this doesn’t happen again. We need Medicare for All and a Green New Deal. We need to make housing a human right, and to get fossil fuel and law enforcement money out of politics. We must push at the Federal level to cut military spending so we can use resources to lift up our communities and invest in our youth. And SO much more.

Let's band together to fight for a party that will fight for us.

I hope you'll consider supporting me and the entire Progressive Labor Alliance slate this January!