As a lifelong advocate for social justice and public education, I am running to ensure that the California Democratic Party supports policies and candidates that improve outcomes for our most marginalized communities.

I am a Democrat, not because of the politics, but because this is the party that can best close gaps in access to opportunity. While the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed deep inequalities in our communities, these inequalities have been present for far too long.

Now is the time for bold action to ensure that the future economic growth of California is infused with the principles of equity. This means that we treat all Californians fairly by providing them with access to the resources and dignity that they deserve, including access to a quality education, housing, a healthy environment, and economic prosperity.

This means that every decision must be made with an equity-lens, always asking:

  1. How does this decision impact our most marginalized communities?
  2. How does this decision narrow or widen gaps in access to opportunity?

As a local activist, I serve on the Democratic Party of Sacramento County’s Central Committee and on the Executive Board of the Latino Democratic Club of Sacramento County. I also work as an advocate for English learner, multilingual, and immigrant and refugee students in our public schools. I come to this work knowing that the best solutions come from the communities that they will most closely impact as opposed to supporting a dominant culture that assumes that those at the top have all of the answers. As a delegate, I will work hard to live by these values and support processes and strategies that make our party more welcoming and accessible to all communities.

I support Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, environmental justice, housing as a human right, and equitable access to a quality public education. These policies will bring much needed investments in our communities and provide for equitable economic growth. If elected, I will actively support elected officials and candidates that support and have made concrete contributions towards these policy goals. I am running with the Progressive Labor Alliance because together we can accomplish more. To learn more visit