My name is Mohammad “Mo” Kashmiri.

I’m running because we are running out of time to address climate change. My nine-year-old son recently had to decide between attending the local school or going to a school further away with a program he wanted. He chose to go to the local school “because he didn’t want to die because of climate change.” I explained to him that death was improbable, but at that moment, he moved me. He helped me realize I’ve been sitting on the sidelines for too long. The Coronavirus has shown us that delay can be not only dangerous but deadly. I don’t want to look backward in regret and wish I had done more.

My parents are Pakistani immigrants, and their struggles inspired me to fight for working families. As a recovering attorney, I’ve worked with Unions for almost fifteen years. I’ve helped working families win better wages, benefits, and working conditions through collective bargaining. Unfortunately, the skyrocketing costs of healthcare eroded those gains. Furthermore, my personal challenges with chronic illness have taught me that we need to get rid of the health insurance companies and fight to win Medicare for All.

Now is the moment to fight for the soul of the California Democratic Party. I will fight for:

  • More funding for public schools
  • Better wages, benefits, and working conditions for working families
  • Medicare for All
  • A Green New Deal
  • Black Lives Matter / Movement for Black Lives
  • Making housing a human right
  • Getting money out of politics
  • Funding childcare & early education
  • Canceling student debt

I started as a student activist, successfully suing my law school and the UC system over fee increases. My other fifteen seconds of fame was when I dressed up in a chicken-suit when Arnold refused to debate. We have no choice but to fight for our future, but we can at least have fun while we are at it. 😊

If you have questions, feel free to call or text me at (559) 260-8988 or email me at

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