My name is Scott A. Hill. I first began as a community organizer during the AIDS pandemic in the 80’s. That led to a job in non-profit health care. I began working my first union job in the late 90’s which started a career in the labor movement and have worked for both SEIU and AFSCME in which I have represented both mental health and health care workers.

As a lifelong democrat, I feel this is the party of change and the party to create opportunities for all. However, there are many people on the margins who are left out. I know that where divisions occur unity will not.

During the times of organizing, I continued my education and have a Master’s in Peacebuilding and my true love of ministry, a Master’s in Divinity. I have been blessed to serve as a chaplain serving those who are transitioning. However, at great expense in many ways, I have accumulated student loan debt. I have seen where folks are fearful to seek medical care because of the burden of debt until it is too late. I continue to see the streets of those without a dwelling to increase. These folks are my neighbors!

We need to create a society where all can succeed. We need Medicare for All. We need a Green New Deal. We need to cancel Student Debt. We need to support the Movement for Black Lives.

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