My name is Shirley Toy and I am running to be your representative for AD 7. I have been a bedside nurse for almost 40 years and was the Chief Nurse Representative at UCDMC before I retired. As a nurse, I advocated daily for my patients and their families and was their voice to the doctors and the health care system. I advocate for all workers to have a voice in their workplace and not being taken advantage of. Nursing advocacy goes beyond the bedside, and as your AD 7 delegate, I will work so that our Democratic Party promotes policies and candidates that restore dignity and respect for all Californians and that it becomes a more democratic (small d) institution where the power is shared and our leaders, including our chair, are held more accountable with more transparency. I have been an elected ADEM delegate since 2017 and was an elected Bernie Delegate in 2020. The Democratic Party must fight for every person’s need for food security, housing, comprehensive healthcare, equitable and free education, worker rights, living wages, and a sustainable environment. It means having a budget that reflects our values and investing in life promoting services like education, healthcare, and housing more than the military, police and prisons - and we must end Police Brutality and State sanctioned violence. The Covid pandemic has shown the huge disparity among ordinary people who have lost so much while corporations and the rich and powerful are experiencing record profits and increases in their wealth. Our public health system is sorely inadequate, and Racism is a public health crisis. Our government must work for all of the people and not just for the corporations and powerful, and we as citizens must continuously push our representatives to do this. We are all connected and we will ALL benefit when our entire community is raised up. Everyone is created in God’s image and deserves to be treated as such. Nursing is not a glamorous job. It involves hard work and having a relationship with those you serve, and that is what I commit to doing if I am elected.

I am honored to be part of the Progressive Labor Alliance Slate. Our slate is committed to work for our entire community and everyday working people throughout our entire 2 year term. Please vote for me and my entire Progressive Labor Alliance Slate.